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Do you have an emerging crawler on your hands?  Does your child have a difficult time staying on their hands and knees when crawling off the carpet to a different surface?  Do you want to see your child  improve stability, maintain better alignment and gain speed with crawling and creeping?

Give your child the BEST advantage for better contact and friction necessary for proper alignment, stability and controlled mobility during the important stages of learning to crawl and creep!

PROGRESSIVE CRAWLERS provides better traction for your little one when transitioning from carpet to hardwood or tile on their hands and knees.



Provide your child with the BEST advantage for learning to crawl and creep on various friction surfaces!

Clinically Designed and created by a Doctor of physical therapy!

Grip patches target forearms, thighs, knees, and shins to assist with improved alignment, strength, postural control and speed needed for crawling and creeping!  Clinically designed by an experienced pediatric physical therapist to work with overlay of necessary muscles groups and body postures  to facilitate stability and controlled mobility for crawling and creeping mechanics on various surfaces!  Learning to successfully crawl and creep are critical milestones for motor development!  Give your child the best advantage for various stages of  learning to crawl and creep!